Quranic moon nightlight Galaxy Moon

Almighty God says :

" And we brought down the Qur'an which is healing and mercy for the believers"

Sourate al-Furqân (25)


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👌 Here is the brand new creation dedicated to our community, the Quranic Moon night light! 🤲

The Quranic Moon Nightlight contains the entire Quran with 25 recitations and 24 translations available.
You can listen to the Holy Quran by choosing your favorite reciter from 2 5 available imams.
The Quranic moon works with a remote control, it is a lamp at the same time which diffuses a light in several colors according to your choice, you can lower or increase the intensity of the light.

Here is all the content available:

Surahs, Hadith, Tafssir, Anachid, Roukya, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Bluetooth Mode.



Full Quran 60 hizb
Tafseer Aljalaleen
Hisnul Muslim
Touch night light
LED light
Extended storage

HD audio quality
Quran Translation
FM Radio
USB-Rechargeable battery

Listen to an extract
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✅8/9 hours of autonomy
✅ Remote control supplied
✅25 reciters
VariableVariable LED lighting with remote control or using the touchpad.
The package contains:
1 Quranic Moon Nightlight
1Remote control
1USB cable

Dieu tout puissant dit :

"And when I'm sick, he's the one who heals me "

(Surah 26 - Verset 80)

The Qur'an a mercy and healing Alhamdolillah, protect your children and soothe their hearts with very soothing recitations from an early age.
Reading the Koran makes neurons very active and listening to the recitation puts an end to stress and boredom bi idni Allah !

🎁 "Give each other gifts, you will love each other" 🎁

Abu Huraira reported:
The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “ Give each other gifts and you will love each other.”
Source: al-Adab al-Mufrad 594

The Quran night light is a good gift idea, it can be offered to adults and children

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