Quran Mp3 player

Listen to the Holy Quran wherever you are with our Quran Mp3 Player!

This little wonder, the Mp3 Quran Walkman brings together several options and features in one lightweight and compact device.

In addition, because of its lightness, the Mp3 Quran Walkman and a remarkable autonomy, no need for batteries just load it to enjoy its content for several hours, otherwise this Quran Walkman offers good sound quality.

Here is all the treasure that contains our new Mp3 Quran Walkman; complete recitation of the Quran by several Reciters, several translations available from the holy book.
The Quran Builderhas several buttons for easy navigation, you can select Imams, Translations Quran, Surah, Hadith, Tafssir, Anachid, Roukya, FM Radio, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim etc ...

You will always be in good company!

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